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Pun Of The Day

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Reactionary, Media Crazy, Senasationalist Society of India! That is what the title of this post stands for.

This is what defines us as the modern, awakened, enabled and active population of India. We only know how to react to things, be it the Pubgoing Girls' Molestation, Pink Chaddi or Pink Condom.

Courtesy: The Hurst Review (Blog)

Somebody makes a movie and we protest.
Somebody makes a cold-drink and we protest.
Somebody opens a car manufacturing unit and we protest.
Somobody gets an admission to a school and we protest.
Somebody doesn't and still we protest.
Somebody makes a painting and we protest.
Somebody wins a medal and we protest.
Somebody fails by an inch and we protest.
If one buys a cheap car, we protest for the lack of infrastructure.
If one buys an expensive imported car, we protest for sales duty.
If you are a Hindu, you protest against Muslim.
If you are Muslim, you protest against Hindu.

All this for what? For creating sensation and to be featured on a TV show.
Ten forums, twenty debates and thousand public reactions later, what are you supposed to do?
Pick another thing to protest about!
There is either no soul left in this country, or the soul is so inertia-trodden that it simply can't raise its head above the ground.
When will it be enough? I am still looking for a solution...will be right back with it.

1 comment:

shabnam said...

haha!!! And the irony is the serious issues get unnoticed/sidelined. Such is the Indian Political Scenario, self-centered, self-obsessed driven by crazy bunch of people.


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